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Spartan Sprint – Race Report


Date: 29th September 2014 Who: Spartan Race What: Spartan Sprint (5+k, 15+ obstacles) After spending the week panicking about whether I was going to be able to start the race let alone finish it, all I want to be able to do now is run it all over again. Organised by Reebok, the Spartan race series is split into three runs – the Sprint, the Super and the Beast. The shortest, at 5k, is the Sprint – the one I was signed up for, in a kick-ass team of three other lovely ladies – Sarah, Ellie and Bethan. After a … Read More

DNS: Did Not Start

There’s a quote all over the internet – usually found in supposedly “inspirational” places such as the motivational Pinterest boards of women’s magazines – it goes like this:  dead last is better than did not finish, which trumps did not start I thought it was pretty neat the first time I saw it. I probably even pinned it myself. Now though it just kinda hurts. People don’t start races for a lot of reasons; perhaps they don’t feel ready, perhaps more important things take priority at that point, or perhaps they’re injured. I’m falling into the third category right now, … Read More