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Seeing The Badass First & The Regular Ass Second


I know I’m not the only one with a terrible #raceface. There are plenty of us who specialise in turning a truly stunning shade of beetroot over the course of a race, regardless of external temperature. I can guarantee that as I cross the finish line, I am glowing like a radioactive Rudolph running on duracel extra. It sucks. Yep. Beetroot. And then there are the rest of the photos, the ones that make us look like we’re suffering horribly doing these things we claim to love. Absolutely busting a gut to chase down the person ahead, crack a few … Read More

Fitness Success Obstacle Gym

Post-Mud Shoes

At the weekend, a group of friends as dedicated to mud as I am (some considerably more, it must be said…) and I drove down the road to the Fitness Success Obstacle Gym – just outside of Leeds. The gym is essentially a big training area, full of trails to run and with obstacles liberally distributed throughout the 1.3mile course. We went along just for fun – why not practice doing the activities that comprise your chosen sport, you might even get better – just to see what there was to offer at the gym and have some practice on … Read More

25 under 25

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As I write this I’m twenty four years, three months and a few days old. Before I turn twenty five, I have a few things I’d like to get around to doing – so here we have, my Twenty Five under Twenty Five list (a kind of bucket list, if you will…). I found this list (I can’t remember where, it’s sitting on my desktop along with a picture of Nicolas Cage’s bird hair, go figure…) which I thought was awesome, and think I need to remember some of these points whilst I complete my own list. I’ve tried to … Read More

Mins Game – Over and Out


As I posted previously, September saw me have a go at The Mins Game. I reached day 18 in the end, and found myself out of things I was happy to readily discard. I know the point of minimalism is to let go of EVERYTHING you don’t need to use on a regular basis, but it feels like I’ve made a reasonable step in the right direction at least! Not only have I chucked out clothes, makeup and other junk I didn’t realise I even owned, but I’ve cleared out so much stuff from my flat that for a week … Read More

The Minimalists

Why do you even own this, Naomi?!

So, I came across The Minimalists the other day – A Sunday afternoon in-search-of-zen find. Minimalist I am not. My other half can vouch for the fact that I. Like. Stuff. I have seemingly infinite sketchbooks, endless gym clothes, more pens than anyone could ever use. But strangely enough, never enough hair pins1… I’m not someone who keeps empty shampoo bottles in the shower or anything, but in reality I have too much STUFF that I do not need, use, or even (if I’m honest) know I own. Here’s where the Mins Game comes in. It’s described as: This month, … Read More