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Seeing The Badass First & The Regular Ass Second


I know I’m not the only one with a terrible #raceface. There are plenty of us who specialise in turning a truly stunning shade of beetroot over the course of a race, regardless of external temperature. I can guarantee that as I cross the finish line, I am glowing like a radioactive Rudolph running on duracel extra. It sucks. Yep. Beetroot. And then there are the rest of the photos, the ones that make us look like we’re suffering horribly doing these things we claim to love. Absolutely busting a gut to chase down the person ahead, crack a few … Read More

25 Under 25 – Update #1


Last year I posted a bucketlist of sorts – 25 Under 25. My list of twenty five things I want to do before I am, well, twenty five… Duh. I thought it might be time for an update… Visit ItalyDone! Run a half marathon (13.1 miles, doesn’t have to be as part of a race)Also done, and written about for this blog…! Swim in the seaNot done, yet. Spend the weekend in London with TDone! We went to London with some friends from Uni at the beginning of December. Much burgers. So cocktails. Very dinosaurs. Do a pull up!Erm… I … Read More

25 under 25

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As I write this I’m twenty four years, three months and a few days old. Before I turn twenty five, I have a few things I’d like to get around to doing – so here we have, my Twenty Five under Twenty Five list (a kind of bucket list, if you will…). I found this list (I can’t remember where, it’s sitting on my desktop along with a picture of Nicolas Cage’s bird hair, go figure…) which I thought was awesome, and think I need to remember some of these points whilst I complete my own list. I’ve tried to … Read More

“What are you planning next!?”

For someone who has taken part in a grand total of three ‘sporting’ events EVER (if we’re including all school sports days I didn’t manage to lie my way out of, it’s 4) – I am asked this question far too regularly. What are you planning next!? Truthfully, I have no idea. At the moment I’m torn between serious Fear Of Missing Out, and trying to think practically (both capability wise and cost wise!). I WANT to do so very many races and events in the near future… But do I sign up for them now, taking it on faith … Read More