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Race Report: Yorkshire Warrior


Date: 18th April 2015
Where: Harrogate, Yorkshire
What: 10 Mile OCR

“I JUST CAN’T DECIDE!!” – Me, crippled with indecision (nothing out of the ordinary) regarding whether to wear long sleeves or not, before committing to running/climbing/squelching/crawling my way through 10 miles on a brisk but sunny Yorkshire morning.

Yes, we’re rolling back to April here again folks. Yorkshire Warrior boasted ten miles of obstacle filled fun near Harrogate.   

Thanks to Papa Greene for the ace race photography!

I’m going to start at the end for this one, and express my disappointment with the following:

  • Not receiving a medal for my efforts – Damn it, I’ve slogged over 16km through some serious misadventure to get to this point WHY IN GOD’S NAME ARE YOU HANDING ME A WHITE TSHIRT?!
  • I was also given Haribo for my troubles – By all means dote upon me with sugary gifts, but WATER FIRST, TREATS LATER.
  • The obstacles didn’t feel especially challenging – Now, I’m no pro at this – by any means… I like to fling myself over walls more often than some, but that doesn’t mean I find it easy… Yet, I found a lot of the obstacles pretty straightforward. Ellie described them accurately as ‘minor inconveniences’

Before being handed our white tshirts, we’d slipped and slid our way down a huge slide, enjoyed a timed 400m hill sprint and waded through an 800m(ish) stretch of river. And the rest.



Yes, I’m too cheap to buy the official ones…

I enjoyed Yorkshire Warrior at the time, it was good terrain & a nice day, what’s to complain about!? But upon reflection, the race was poorly marshalled in parts, perhaps a little dangerous at times because of this. And I have no doubt that I’d still be lost in the wilds of, er, Harrogate, if it weren’t for the rest of my team spotting the directional arrows.

But, in the spirit of fairness I did enjoy it when I was out there. The course route was good – through fields, forest, trails and bogs. Some of the obstacles were fab – including a 3 bale high climb, which I did struggle with (short legged problems fo lyfe!) and an 800m underground tunnel. Yes. 800m. Underground. This seemed to be an old railway tunnel, and was completely dark inside. The experience of running through it was pretty surreal!   

I would consider running Yorkshire Warrior again, as it is so convenient location wise… But I’m not sure it would take priority over another race I’d like to do… We’ll have to see how next year’s calendar is looking…!


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