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Race Report: The Adrenalin Rush

The BEST burger I've ever eaten. Probably.

Date: 12th April 2015

Where: Richmond, Yorkshire

What: 9km of trails & 1km of The Krypton Factor Assault Course

The Adrenalin Rush wasn’t Team Victorious Secret’s first choice of OCR for this particular date, I’ll be honest. We were initially going to take part in The Suffering which was unfortunately cancelled a couple of weeks before. Reluctant as usual to take rest days, we found a substitute that was a good price and seemed to offer some good terrain.

Richmond isn’t really in Yorkshire. Well, technically perhaps it is, but it felt like the arse-end of the M1, just beyond Scotch Corner. Setting off early, I could tell that my initial beliefs of “four races in April, it’ll be lovely and warm by then” we’re not only completely awry, they were astronomically incorrect. It was Baltic.

One of the requirements before the race began was a walk-around of the obstacle area, which served to show us just how chilly it was out in the fields of Richmond that morning. We sheltered in Sarah’s car until the start time, seriously contemplating just staying there – who would know, we wouldn’t tell, nobody would guess that we’d bottled it – but eventually pried ourselves out of the warmth to line up at the start.

The format of the Adrenalin Rush was a 9km trail run, then all the obstacles at the end. Setting off into the fields across the Dales ensured some really great scenery, plenty of off-road terrain and a good quantity of hills.


“… Peppers…”

“… Mustard…”

Before we’d set off it had been decided that the only way to get through the cold was to think about our post-run burgers. Five Guys was happening, and nothing was getting in our way. Each KM marker meant picking another topping for our burgers, which helped to tick off the distance….

“… Pickles”

“… Mushrooms…”

“… Ketchup…”

By this point my knee was hurting. Hey knees, how about you get over yourselves, pop your big girl pants on and LET ME GET ON WITH THIS!?

“… More bacon!!”

“… Another burger…!”

Slogging out the last of the trail run, we reached the obstacles – over and under hurdles, over walls, through ponds and cargo net tunnels… Monkey bars – ‘do I still have fingers!? I haven’t felt them in quite a while…!’ – Major thanks to the army chaps marshalling this area – one of them actually carried me across the monkey bars, bless him. Around the corner and over more walls, down a fireman’s pole (the worst bit!) and across balance beams…

Why yes, I do have this much fun tramping through the mud at weekends...
This photo was taken of me by The Northern Echo who also wrote a nice article about the event.

One last wade through a large swamp and a sprint finish, then we were done. We crossed the finish line, picked up our goodie bags and carried on running back to the car!

There was ‘indoor’ changing back at base, although it beats me what temperature this must have been, as I was still unable to feel any of my extremities, and several of whatever the opposite to extremities are (erm, insides, perhaps….?).

I don’t think any of us warmed up until much later in the evening, despite visiting the sauna in the gym when we got home!

The Adrenalin Rush was good fun, well priced and has definite potential to be a really enjoyable event, I just couldn’t possibly face it again unless it was summer. Not a chance. Nope.

Incase you’re wondering (oh come on, I know you’re dying to find out…) our burgers were the best thing in the world when we returned to Leeds. I had everything in mine, and no regrets whatsoever.

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