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Fitness Success Obstacle Gym

Post-Mud Shoes

At the weekend, a group of friends as dedicated to mud as I am (some considerably more, it must be said…) and I drove down the road to the Fitness Success Obstacle Gym – just outside of Leeds.

The gym is essentially a big training area, full of trails to run and with obstacles liberally distributed throughout the 1.3mile course. We went along just for fun – why not practice doing the activities that comprise your chosen sport, you might even get better – just to see what there was to offer at the gym and have some practice on the obstacles themselves.

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It’s all very well training the rest of the time at Primal – which even offers classes for specific OCR training! – but getting to have a go at climbing over a 9ft wall is somewhat different in reality than theory!

We were taken around the course by Oral, who owns it, and he helped explain the best ways to tackle the obstacles that we came to, as well as helping us over/through/under them at points. He also took some smashing photos:



Once we’d been round the course with Oral, we set off for another lap by ourselves – I have no idea how fast we went, totally forgot my Garmin! Every one of us loved it, it was he perfect distance away, basically on our doorstep, great weather for it, being slightly damp and cooler, and had enough mud to make an excellent weekend!

I can’t recommend the gym enough, especially if you’re local! It’s really easy to book online and will definitely help prepare for any obstacle course race!

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