The Peanut Butter Diaries

The Minimalists

Why do you even own this, Naomi?!

So, I came across The Minimalists the other day – A Sunday afternoon in-search-of-zen find. Minimalist I am not. My other half can vouch for the fact that I. Like. Stuff. I have seemingly infinite sketchbooks, endless gym clothes, more pens than anyone could ever use. But strangely enough, never enough hair pins1… I’m not someone who keeps empty shampoo bottles in the shower or anything, but in reality I have too much STUFF that I do not need, use, or even (if I’m honest) know I own. Here’s where the Mins Game comes in. It’s described as: This month, … Read More

When You Can’t

When I decided it would be a fun idea to set up this blog, I had visions of it being a place to ramble about all my adventures – but running in particular. Alas. The best laid plans, and all that. It’s now the end of August and I haven’t run properly since 5.30am on 2nd July.1 I feel that I can’t even give myself the title of ‘injured runner’ as I hadn’t been ‘a runner’ in the first place, just someone who was just beginning to really fucking enjoy running. I’m going to paint you a picture. I suppose … Read More

Bruised Knees

All the bruises. Ouch.

There are plenty of things that are on my “I’ve-been-meaning-to-try-that” list. To finally tick one off feels awesome, but not as ace as realising you actually really enjoyed the experience and are totally willing to allow it to work its way into your regular routine. Last Sunday I went bouldering. Indoor bouldering, but all the same… It was one of those things on ‘the-list’ and I wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity to tag along when some friends (Sarah and James, yo!) suggested I go with them. Being currently unable to run or do much cardio due to shit … Read More

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