The Peanut Butter Diaries

Run Report – George Fisher, Run with Ricky


Date: 28th February Who: George Fisher  What: 10k-ish Trail Run led by Ricky Lightfoot My first “Run Report” – as opposed to race! George Fisher have organised group runs every few months over the last year or so, in partnership with Salomon Running sponsored local athlete Ricky Lightfoot.  I love the Lake District, if you hadn’t guessed that already! It’s where I grew up, and where I’ll always have a bit of space to call home at my parents house. Escaping Leeds, as much as I love the city that has become my home since, is great, and to be able to … Read More

Ey up, April!


So, April is looking pretty busy for me… I thought I’d share what my plans are… 10th April – Swimathon 2015, 2.5k  I took part in Swimathon last year, the shorter 1.5k distance, and really enjoyed it. My training for it this year has been… Patchy…!? I know I can finish it, but this time round I don’t have a particular time target in mind to hit, and I’m just going to enjoy the swim. 12th April, Adrenalin Rush, 9k  The first OCR of April! Of 2015…! Very excited for this. Running with Sarah and Ellie – Team Victorious Secret … Read More

Home Truths

Ummm. I haven’t posted anything here in a while. Or this year, in fact. It’s now nearing the end of March (wtf?) and it was time to pull my finger out. I have always tried to convince myself that I run because I enjoy myself, I exercise because it’s what I like to do… And I would always rebut criticism with the statement that “if I didn’t enjoy it I would stop”… I think you can see where I’m heading with this. In January I didn’t run. At all. Except once, for a train, which I missed. After running 13.1 … Read More

2014 – Secret Plans and Clever Tricks


I’ve had this post saved as a draft for a while now… I had this seed of an idea back at the beginning of December that I wanted to keep kinda secret, hence not publishing it until now. Having thought about it, it wasn’t that I wanted it to be a secret, what’s the point in that?! It was that I didn’t want to shout about it if I wasn’t going to succeed. Well, for 2015, I’m gonna say: fuck THAT. What do you learn by keeping your failures a secret? I can’t think of anything good. So, here we … Read More

Race Report: The Great Yorkshire Pieathlon


Date: 14th December Who: Team OA What: 6k of trails and pie I honestly can’t remember how I happened upon the pieathlon, but I do remember the immediate sense of awe and wonder at the sound of it. Pie and running? Why, yes please! Pre-race training? Well… I was hoping that my natural skills in being able to scoff a whole lot more food than strictly natural for a human of my size would pay off. The pre-race email itself was marvellous in itself… We have a baggage area in the cafe, please don’t leave valuable pie in it as … Read More

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