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25 Under 25 – Update #1


Last year I posted a bucketlist of sorts – 25 Under 25. My list of twenty five things I want to do before I am, well, twenty five… Duh.

I thought it might be time for an update…

Visit Italy

Run a half marathon (13.1 miles, doesn’t have to be as part of a race)
Also done, and written about for this blog…!

Swim in the sea
Not done, yet.

Spend the weekend in London with T
Done! We went to London with some friends from Uni at the beginning of December. Much burgers. So cocktails. Very dinosaurs.

Do a pull up!
Erm… I have managed this one. A couple of times. But I can’t do it consistently, so I’m not counting it yet. I’m working on it…

Sleep outside (overnight, not just an accidental nap!)
Cook a roast dinner
Climb Scafell & Scafell Pike

Nope, nope and nope!

Run Sale Fell

Not yet, but I ran Walla Crag with the ‘Run With Ricky‘ series of runs that George Fisher in Keswick are doing. Blog post coming up soon, I promise!

Take part in Parkrun

Not yet… I still really want to do this, of course! My local one turns it into a 10k round trip, though. Just trying to find the right time…!

Do a ‘night run’ (trails, not roads!)

Done! At Nostell Priory as part of their National Trust Night Run series. Blogged about here, too

Run with an awesome group of people (I’m usually one for running alone)

The runners with the Run with Ricky group were a great, really friendly bunch of Cumbrians, but I don’t think it quite counts…. Still working on this!

Send a v3/4 bouldering route

I’ve managed a v3, but I’m yet to send a v4 – I think I can manage this, so I’m not crossing it off just yet!

Try arial or hot yoga

Nope – in all honesty I haven’t looked into this a lot yet. But I have been investigating trying out pole dancing, just to have a go…!! (Jamie, I know you’re reading this, laugh away…!!) So, any Leeds based folk who want to join me for inevitable disaster, shout up!

Walk the Yorkshire Three Peaks

Not yet… I need to start making plans!

Do yoga every day for a full week

Totally forgot this one was on here. Oops. I’m going to make a conscious effort to get this started!

Make a really decent curry from scratch

Er, nope. I’m so bad at curry. It will get done!

Save money! (I have a sum in mind!)

Can we skip this one, please…!!?

A whole week of being vegetarian
And a whole week of being vegan

YES! I did these! I took part in Veganuary this year, and whilst I didn’t last the whole month, I did complete an entire week before the pizza found me…! This one I’m really proud of, and I didn’t find it as difficult as I expected.

Learn to park my car properly (parallel and reverse! Currently abysmal.)

Oh Jeeze. Not so much…

Make guacamole

One that is constantly on my ‘buy ingredients for…’ List, yet I’m always missing something…

Tough Mudder (if this happens I’m giving myself an extra 2 weeks to my birthday deadline!)

This one is the only one on the list that I don’t think will happen. It’s simply too expensive for me to do- especially in leaving it this late! Plus, the tshirt, or lack of, kinda put me off once and for all…

Go to the zoo!

Yeah! T and I went over to Chester Zoo a couple of days after Rome. Couldn’t miss out on the photo opp that occurred whilst there…. What a dork.


Get my design website back up & running

I have plans, yet to implement them… Slow as a slug!

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