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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Thoughts I’ve Had Whilst Foam Rolling

10. I really need to vacuum my floors more often. 9. If only I had an extra arm. 8. Don’t you dare put your feet up on me, this is serious. 7. And please don’t open the door into my head. 6. I wonder if I can turn the page on my kindle with my nose. 5. I CAN turn the page on my kindle with my nose!! 4. If I put a straw in my glass I can totally rehydrate whist doing this. Pro multitasking bitchessss. 3. That wasn’t a good idea after all. Horizontal slooshing in progress. 2. … Read More

Race Report: Leeds Abbey Dash 10k


Date: 16th November Who: Age UK What: 10k out and back road race I really wasn’t sure if I was going to run the Abbey Dash. [Spoiler alert: I did…] Recently my knees have been doing a whole lot better at, well, functioning normally… But I hadn’t run further than 6k since July, and the last thing I wanted was to push my luck too far… My decision was made for me when I saw this… Complete the #AbbeyDash on Sunday and we’ll have a free burger waiting for you. Just show us your finishers’ t-shirt. — MEATliquor Leeds … Read More

25 under 25

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As I write this I’m twenty four years, three months and a few days old. Before I turn twenty five, I have a few things I’d like to get around to doing – so here we have, my Twenty Five under Twenty Five list (a kind of bucket list, if you will…). I found this list (I can’t remember where, it’s sitting on my desktop along with a picture of Nicolas Cage’s bird hair, go figure…) which I thought was awesome, and think I need to remember some of these points whilst I complete my own list. I’ve tried to … Read More