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Over the past week I’ve seen this quote in various contexts on multiple occasions. Isn’t it funny how sometimes you hear a word or a phrase for the first time and then become very aware of its repeated use, within the short space of time immediately afterward…? Pretty sure there must be a word for that too…! “The size of your dreams must always exceed your current capacity to achieve them. If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.” ― Ellen Johnson Sirleaf I digress. This quote has been playing on my mind a bit. Generally, … Read More

“Naomi doesn’t move quickly”

Gemma Correll draws the truth

For years this was my go-to response to questions about hobbies, activity levels, general fitness or any reference to ‘The Gym’. Fast forward a while, and I find myself looking for a new gym. For the past year I’ve been exceptionally fortunate to have a gym and exercise classes virtually every day of the week right on the doorstep of my flat. Unfortunately the classes aren’t continuing past the end of October, and I’m still trying to weigh up my options on where to go next… At the weekend I went for a trial day at a place that calls … Read More

Mins Game – Over and Out


As I posted previously, September saw me have a go at The Mins Game. I reached day 18 in the end, and found myself out of things I was happy to readily discard. I know the point of minimalism is to let go of EVERYTHING you don’t need to use on a regular basis, but it feels like I’ve made a reasonable step in the right direction at least! Not only have I chucked out clothes, makeup and other junk I didn’t realise I even owned, but I’ve cleared out so much stuff from my flat that for a week … Read More

“What are you planning next!?”

For someone who has taken part in a grand total of three ‘sporting’ events EVER (if we’re including all school sports days I didn’t manage to lie my way out of, it’s 4) – I am asked this question far too regularly. What are you planning next!? Truthfully, I have no idea. At the moment I’m torn between serious Fear Of Missing Out, and trying to think practically (both capability wise and cost wise!). I WANT to do so very many races and events in the near future… But do I sign up for them now, taking it on faith … Read More

Spartan Sprint – Race Report


Date: 29th September 2014 Who: Spartan Race What: Spartan Sprint (5+k, 15+ obstacles) After spending the week panicking about whether I was going to be able to start the race let alone finish it, all I want to be able to do now is run it all over again. Organised by Reebok, the Spartan race series is split into three runs – the Sprint, the Super and the Beast. The shortest, at 5k, is the Sprint – the one I was signed up for, in a kick-ass team of three other lovely ladies – Sarah, Ellie and Bethan. After a … Read More