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Monthly Archives: September 2014

DNS: Did Not Start

There’s a quote all over the internet – usually found in supposedly “inspirational” places such as the motivational Pinterest boards of women’s magazines – it goes like this:  dead last is better than did not finish, which trumps did not start I thought it was pretty neat the first time I saw it. I probably even pinned it myself. Now though it just kinda hurts. People don’t start races for a lot of reasons; perhaps they don’t feel ready, perhaps more important things take priority at that point, or perhaps they’re injured. I’m falling into the third category right now, … Read More

The Minimalists

Why do you even own this, Naomi?!

So, I came across The Minimalists the other day – A Sunday afternoon in-search-of-zen find. Minimalist I am not. My other half can vouch for the fact that I. Like. Stuff. I have seemingly infinite sketchbooks, endless gym clothes, more pens than anyone could ever use. But strangely enough, never enough hair pins1… I’m not someone who keeps empty shampoo bottles in the shower or anything, but in reality I have too much STUFF that I do not need, use, or even (if I’m honest) know I own. Here’s where the Mins Game comes in. It’s described as: This month, … Read More