The Peanut Butter Diaries

Seeing The Badass First & The Regular Ass Second


I know I’m not the only one with a terrible #raceface. There are plenty of us who specialise in turning a truly stunning shade of beetroot over the course of a race, regardless of external temperature. I can guarantee that as I cross the finish line, I am glowing like a radioactive Rudolph running on duracel extra. It sucks. Yep. Beetroot. And then there are the rest of the photos, the ones that make us look like we’re suffering horribly doing these things we claim to love. Absolutely busting a gut to chase down the person ahead, crack a few … Read More

Race Report: Yorkshire Warrior


Date: 18th April 2015 Where: Harrogate, Yorkshire What: 10 Mile OCR “I JUST CAN’T DECIDE!!” – Me, crippled with indecision (nothing out of the ordinary) regarding whether to wear long sleeves or not, before committing to running/climbing/squelching/crawling my way through 10 miles on a brisk but sunny Yorkshire morning. Yes, we’re rolling back to April here again folks. Yorkshire Warrior boasted ten miles of obstacle filled fun near Harrogate.      Thanks to Papa Greene for the ace race photography! I’m going to start at the end for this one, and express my disappointment with the following: Not receiving a … Read More

Fitness Success Obstacle Gym

Post-Mud Shoes

At the weekend, a group of friends as dedicated to mud as I am (some considerably more, it must be said…) and I drove down the road to the Fitness Success Obstacle Gym – just outside of Leeds. The gym is essentially a big training area, full of trails to run and with obstacles liberally distributed throughout the 1.3mile course. We went along just for fun – why not practice doing the activities that comprise your chosen sport, you might even get better – just to see what there was to offer at the gym and have some practice on … Read More

Race Report: The Adrenalin Rush

The BEST burger I've ever eaten. Probably.

Date: 12th April 2015 Where: Richmond, Yorkshire What: 9km of trails & 1km of The Krypton Factor Assault Course The Adrenalin Rush wasn’t Team Victorious Secret’s first choice of OCR for this particular date, I’ll be honest. We were initially going to take part in The Suffering which was unfortunately cancelled a couple of weeks before. Reluctant as usual to take rest days, we found a substitute that was a good price and seemed to offer some good terrain. Richmond isn’t really in Yorkshire. Well, technically perhaps it is, but it felt like the arse-end of the M1, just beyond … Read More

25 Under 25 – Update #1


Last year I posted a bucketlist of sorts – 25 Under 25. My list of twenty five things I want to do before I am, well, twenty five… Duh. I thought it might be time for an update… Visit ItalyDone! Run a half marathon (13.1 miles, doesn’t have to be as part of a race)Also done, and written about for this blog…! Swim in the seaNot done, yet. Spend the weekend in London with TDone! We went to London with some friends from Uni at the beginning of December. Much burgers. So cocktails. Very dinosaurs. Do a pull up!Erm… I … Read More

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